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Entry Requirements


Entry requirements:

NQF Level 4 Matric or equivalent.

Training breakdown

This qualification runs over a period of one year with at least 30 days of training. Learners also have additional access to mentors and work groups to assist in the completion of their Portfolio of Evidence.

1. National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations, NQF Level 2

2. Small Business Manager / Owner (Customer Care), NQF Level 3 Skills Programme

3. National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations, NQF Level 3

4. Store Person (Stockroom), NQF Level 2 Skills Programme

5. NC: Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision, NQF Level 4

6. Sales Assistant(General)(Business Start-up)Level 3

7. National Certificate: Generic Management Wholesale and Retail Management

8. Retail Supervisor( Loss Control Supervision) Level 4

9. Dispatch and Receiving Clerk ( Retail Store), NQF Level 3 Skills Programme

10. Retail Supervisor(Team Supervisor) Level 4

11. National Certificate: Business Administration Services, NQF Level 2

12. Retail Supervisor (Departmental Sales) Level 4

13. National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME), NQF Level 2

14. Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services, NQF Level 4

15. National Certificate: Funeral Services Practices, NQF Level 3

16. General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning, NQF Level 1

17. National Certificate: Contact Centre Support, NQF Level 2

18. Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management, NQF Level 4

Possible Career Opportunities





Stock Controller



Store Supervisor



Sales Supervisor



Sales Executive






Customer Manager



Sellers: Sales Persons and Assistants, Representatives






General and Finance Administrators Merchandisers



Checkout Operators and Office Cash Clerks



General Clerks